Additional localities not too far from Bogota that allow a great safe cultural visit. One of them is the vicinity (small city) of Mariquita, in the department of Tolima. Mariquita is about about three hours north of Bogota. The highway is safe as it is highly guarded by the Colombian military. This specific road is one of the primary for Colombian commerce so it is kept open.Image result for the colombian spot

In the wake up of the housing market melt down and soft market scandals investments in commodities are on the upturn. Emeralds as treasured gems have always placed value in the market and Colombian quality emeralds can be a pick asset for any serious investor. Making it clear how a one ounce fine Colombian emerald crystal could fetch millions at the current price levels.

Colombian emeralds, especially those, from the Muzo puits by far command the highest value in the market. Generally speaking they are known for exquisite appearance, large crystal size and few impurities. The Itoco emerald is a perfect example of this. Many emerald dealers agree overall Colombian emeralds will be the finest. A high quality Colombian emerald will fetch a 10 to 20% superior over African and B razil of similar size and clarity.

Zambia was the first emerald producer to provide an affordable alternative in quality emeralds. For those who can not afford the top grade Colombian emeralds, the non improved Zambian emerald may be a good runner up. Emeralds from Zambia are well-known now for several reasons.

Like the cutters and polishers of the colombian spot emeralds, the Zambian emerald carpenters apply the accepted way oiling using only clear oils. Although Zambian emeralds as a rule do not command the prices of high quality Colombian emeralds most are good rings quality and some exceptionally large stone bring near to premium prices.

Large high quality emeralds no matter where they are mined are a good investment, but Colombian emeralds will go back a higher resale superior. Although Colombian quality emeralds often are an excellent investment it should be noted; this article is basically an overview and really does not reflect following the fact market changes nor ensure a return on ones investment.

Nonetheless, after taking into consideration the post “20 Reasons Never to Move to Dubai” in an ELT forum online, I thought I’d have a shot at a similarly-themed post dealing with diverse aspects of Colombia. Right now do not get me wrong, I actually have lived in Colombia for the past 12 years teaching English as a foreign language with my Colombian wife. I pay taxes, health insurance and retirement through the Colombian systems. I actually still live here and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, but it is exactly this familiarity bred from many years living and working here that empower me to write about this country.

Several of Colombia’s many volcanoes are in active or semi-active standing. The most news-worthy of these being Galeras Volcano, located beside metropolis of Pasto populated by more than 400, 000 people, in the southern area of the country. Warnings and expulsion “threats” have become so common that residents hardly pay them any attention until ash and fuel spew forth from the blackened summit. Colombia’s worst catastrophe was the destruction of Armero, an complete town of more than 23, 000 inhabitants almost all killed in one night – buried under a volcanic eruption-caused mudslide more than forty foot deep. Other Colombian volcanoes include snow-capped Nevada Ruiz, also with recent breakouts, and Purace.